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We are the first name on middle market lists when complicated changes and difficult challenges are afoot.

Strategy and Management


Strategy and Management

We transformed
and implemented a data-driven,
customer-centric strategy for a Shangai-listed FMCG Corp
to sustain digital advantage
with 5X increase in customer retention.

We used Game theory to elevate a Biotech competitive response

including price-fixing

and made strategic decisions

like industry consolidation and

niche service, resulting in

24% 12-month EBITDA increase. 

We performed a struggling portfolio company review to reverse its market share loss and identified divestitures, gaps to fill and "string of pearls" strategy  resulting in $450M long-term profit potential.

Retail & Consumer

Health & Life Sciences

Private Equity

Sales and Marketing


Sales and Marketing

Directed ESG-friendly marketing programs for an aviation brand using synthetic fuel and promoted their FBO, Charter, Flight School and Aircraft Maintenance, pairing sustainability with sleek product placement and partnerships. 

We helped transform an

old-school sales pipeline

from stale to hale, by using AI — data-driven decisions — to manage car demand generation, at greater scale and precision, enjoying lead-to-transaction conversions up 17%.

Intensified a research university's PR game and outreach with content marketing and integrity rebranding in order to improve targeting, create a pool of influencers, establish new media contacts and double enrolment.

Aviation and Aerospace





Operations and Human Capital

We equipped a petrochemical giant
with robotics, cloud, decarbonization roadmap, agile sprints, Marginal Abatement Cost Curve (MACC) and digital twins to embed resilience, productivity and ethics into its core operations.

Influenced a Fortune 500 industrial manufacturer lean improvement, cost and value engineering with Six Sigma, worker involvement, automation in recruitment and process systems yielding 40 % increase in productivity. 

After a mobile network operator tripled its workforce, we directed the global HR transformation, defining a new, differentiated value DNA, designing training curriculum and passionate, make-market, "Culture of Courage".




Finance and Risk


Finance and Risk

We assisted a group traveling company to turnaround and reverse its negative growth by pivoting through Covid-19 with technology, customer travel credits and tour rewards, avoiding
breach of debt covenants.

Implemented an advanced

risk control model  

to optimize reduction

for a multimodal supply chain giant with 90+ operating sites worldwide; improved avoidance capacity by 10%.

360° M&A Advisory to a

top media and entertainment group on its LBO and funding round, with Bozzino Capital providing deal origination, capital raising, valuation, due diligence, negotiations and execution.

Leisure and Travel

Transportation and Logistics

Media & Entertainment

Our Happy Clients

"I shortlisted 50+ consultancies to hire but nobody combined velocity and ingenuity like B&Co, from Minute 1."

Amanda Johns, COO, HORIZON

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