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Financial Services

Our Financial Advisory team
dominates middle market M&As,
corporate finance, private equity, transaction advisory, banking,
public and capital markets,
real estate and risk management.

Transformational M&A

Businesses of any size look for ways to grow such as capital budgeting, internal financing or corporate development. One of the fastest ways to accelerate business transformation is through M&A and deals. 

Whatever the objective, companies turn to external investment, joint ventures or divestitures to reach different goals including moving closer to customers, leaving challenged sectors and speeding up digital transformation.


To offer a 360° transformational consulting service, our specialist Financial Advisory division provides a suite of corporate solutions to help clients achieve financial growth. 

We address funding sources, capital structuring, accounting and investment decisions - taxation, debt and equity capital, audit- maximizing your shareholder value through long/short-term financial planning.

We are also often concerned with fixing government spending (public finance), investment management (forensic and regulation) and asset management (personal finance).

Our intercontinental, multi-disciplinary squad gives your business access to CCC - Competence, Cash, Control, covering all sectors, with a growing position in Australasia. 

The extra-governmental power & scale of our capabilities within the global financial services industry, remain an ongoing strength over all competitors, thanks to our expanding private deal network made up of 2500+ capital market-oriented financial investors, experts and corporate acquirers, across EMEA who target middle market power.

Towering Skyscrapers

Bozzino & Company Real Estate

From property development to commercial finance, essential public to private large-scale infrastructure, B&Co. Real Estate is a trusted Financial Advisory specialist group, delivering one-time, long-term projects, throughout the world - strategy to cash - and simplifying complexities like zoning, construction and property valuation, to name but a few. 

Need Green Finance? Come and get it.

B&Co. Real Estate

Grab Cash by the Collar


  • Accounting

  • Audit

  • Capital Budgeting

  • Capital Structure and Financing

  • Enterprise value and Working Capital management

  • Credit Rating Agency

  • Debt Restructuring and Recapitalization

  • Assurance


  • Business Finance

  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Risk and Profitability

  • Financial Statements

  • Megaprojects (infrastructure)

  • Triple Bottom Line

  • Real Estate Project Finance


  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Business Sale

  • Divestitures or Asset Recycling

  • SPACs / SPV Securitization

  • IPO

  • Structured Finance COMING SOON

  • High-Yield Bond Financing COMING SOON

  • Film Financing / Executive Producer COMING SOON

  • Sports Advisory / Agency Deals COMING SOON

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