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Transformational Tactics

A transformation is often initiated by a “trigger event” that forces a company to make a step change in business performance.

The trigger can be anything from a new CEO who inspires change, a drop in annual sales, resources overload to a big (M&A) transaction

that creates an imperative for growth.


Market Penetration

To generate further growth

within your current market,

we lower prices, implement tangible marketing efforts, increase brand awareness and we map out a target operating model with critical data throughout.


Product Development

We affect growth patterns by innovating your current products or creating new ones to increase revenue: take existing inventory and add new features to attract more users, investing in the design and creation of new products.


Market Expansion

With the market expansion method, we expand your business in its current market by reaching untapped customer base through new distribution channels, instead of strictly servicing your segmented, target profile.


Vertical Integration

Companies who are poised to transform using this tactic 

are enabled to take direct ownership of various stages of their manufacturing or distribution process, rather than relying on external contractors or suppliers.


Lean Productivity

We transform some businesses 
by changing their processes
to increase capacity, 
implementing efficient, cost-cutting production methods
like Audit, Six Sigma and Lean metholodogies.


New Geographies

Investing marketing efforts into expansion in other locations can also be another transformational strategy we employ: regional, national or even worldwide expansion of product offerings and distribution networks.


Share of Wallet

By focusing on customer retention and quality service, we initiate growth by expanding sales to current customers, leveraging excellent service practices or a loyal customer base, which costs less than other marketing efforts. 



This kind of growth may mean moving into international markets or areas where the company has no prior sales history, creating new products for a completely new market or a range of product offerings in multiple industries.



We implement transformation by buying another business, like a competitor, to absorb market share/asset for immediate growth, 
by essentially buying into a market rather than investing time in organic growth methods.


Market Segmentation

By focusing on a small segment of your industry and growing specifically in that area, we find growth opportunities and position your business for perfect competition in markets with little or less dominance by big players.



Owning shares and investing in other companies may be a way to accelerate growth: dividend, stock options but also various forms of external funds to finance overall business operations and investment activities.



Strategic partnerships can increase business growth by leveraging the key elements of two or more brands. In this strategy, we often create a sustainable contract with clear terms, outlining the agreement for both parties.
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