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Vincent Bozzino

Agile, influential, risk-neutral Transformational Leader, with high-impact, multi-faceted track record, expert at delivering sustainable growth, stakeholder returns and business development by nurturing deep relationships and world-class teams.

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In the last decade, Vincent gained significant executive and non-executive experience across Retail, Consumer, Media, Tech, Entertainment and Financial services in UK, US and Europe.  


His corporate management career began at Sainsbury’s, Plc, the FTSE 100, 2nd largest UK retail giant, after working odd jobs, where Vincent has been gradually responsible for large business units, rapid footfall increase and a signature, warm workforce culture. He became a General Manager in the company at the age of 23, making him one of the youngest Superstore Managers in the company's history.

Motivating teams in excess of 200, Vincent accelerated the transition of multi-format, fast-paced stores to omni-channel and cloud technology, enabling the company to double its consumer base, gross £30M in sales  over five years and integrate Argos, Starbucks, and Nectar - one of the industry's largest loyalty card scheme.

He built consensus and chain-influencing skills, lobbying up for the 2018 Sainsbury's Management Restructure [disintermediation] in lieu of the proposed layoffs to the benefit of a more fluid management system, with a sharply-written grievance to the then CEO Mike Coupe, against the hierarchical politics in promoting middle managers and their neglected role due to excessive power dynamics, on the word of a notable, 2017 research paper that Vincent had read on Harvard Business Review

In fall 2018, Vincent was tipped to  VUE, Inc., Europe's largest movie theater chain as a Senior Operations Manager, where he helped scale experiential retail with hospitality and maximised UK box office growth through provocative selling, CRM, operational excellence and shopping mall marketing.  

Vincent enhanced team retention by 30%, driving the digital and commercial "institutions" of filmmaking: movie theatre operations, film premieres, licensing, opera broadcasts from the Royal Opera House, production and distribution for 20th Century Fox, Sony, Warner Bros., Marvel, Lionsgate, BBC, to name but a few. 
He also actively sustained VUE global partnerships with Coca Cola, Unilever, Bunzl, Thomas Tucker as well as the opening of UK's first dedicated 600-seat e-sports venue by GFinity, which hosted tournaments for Hearthstone, FIFA and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive underneath a movie theatre. 

Commercially-driven, Vincent controlled key commercial real estate assets across England (managerial finance), with a capital value of over £70 million: 

  • high-street, City of London Convenience Stores with high-volume Warehouse and Logistics 

  • a 55,883 sq ft, out-of-town, Sainsbury’s Big-Box/Superstore with petrol station, variety and e-commerce

  • a 71,325 sq ft multi-site, Sainsbury’s hypermarket with banking facilities, as an anchor tenant of the world's largest commercial real estate investor CBRE Group

  • a 85,636 sq ft eight screen VUE Cinema with big-ticket, gaming and hospitality venue, while assisting UK’s largest commercial property developer and owner Landsec in the asset management of its 294,287 sq ft shopping and entertainment centre 

As a Project Leader in London, he became the go-to for implementing change and cascading corporate actions from large-scale £1Bn buyout post-merger and cost reduction, operational restructuring and displaced worker funding, lean supply chain projects to small-scale IT transformation, facilities and audit compliance S&OPs, employee relations/disciplinary procedure upgrade and L&D programs.  

The precocious experience in business management was the turning point of his earlier creative endeavours and interests, shaping a passion for entrepreneurship and investments.

In early 2020, Vincent joined Gerson Lehrman Group, the world’s largest information broker and "Wall Street most treasured" financial consulting firm, as a Consulting Partner.
He influenced a wide range of commercial propositions, equity research and public market deals for global Fortune 500, Asian companies, professional service and Buy-side firms mainly across Tech, Media & Telecomms (TMT): a $200m UK footfall parametric insurance roll-out, the target screening and US investors bid for the $2Bn UK supermarket chain Morrisons cross-border takeover in 2021, world's largest movie theatre chain AMC's reverse stock split and crisis, to name but a few. 


Throughout the pandemic, 50+ clients, ranging from top hedge funds to innovative start ups directly appointed Vincent to "fix and grow", at corporate level, strategies, people and technology.


"One of my proudest moments was suggesting a Big Tobacco executive to generate demand for its revolutionary, heated tobacco product launch by implementing territorial B2B marketing, enduring his opposition about it only to discover two quarters after the test, sales soared to an all-time high and now strongly underpin the company's fundamentals, as much as the Gen Z lifestyle in every capital. 

One of the toughest events was failing, in two languages, to change the siloed, operational mindset of a Russell Group's university, only to read in the news, 30 days later, they had paid millions to get "confirmation bias" from a consultant who had never made decisions of consequences before - unlike me - and they were financially distressed, getting by with donations."

Through investment partnerships, Vincent shortly expanded the practice into Sell side M&A Advisory, serving the Main Street with corporate development, performance growth and investor relations.
He also executed middle-market acquisitions, capital market transactions and new business development with the Buyside, after bringing together a multinational, professional services network under his eponymous firm

Graduated in Philosophy from University of London, Bozzino actively combines his business career with creative writing, music and target sports.  

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